As Senator Arashukov framed Kadyrov

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“Teddy bear” against the grizzly bear

The Investigative Committee of Russia has formed an investigative-operational
group that will investigate the cases of murders in 2010 in the KChR of two
public figures – Fral Shabzukhov and Aslan Zhukov. The main person involved in
these investigations is Senator Rauf Arashukov. He, as the organizer of the
attacks, is testified by the performers and intermediaries in the transfer of
the “order”. In a previous article, cited the
testimony of Rasul Adzhiev, who shot Zhukov. In them he admits that Ruslan
Agoyev, son-in-law of Arashukov paid for the crime (now hiding in the UAE),
which acted in the interests of the senator. In the new publication, we give
the testimony of Rustam Kopsergenov, who selected killers to eliminate
Shebzukhov. He described in detail to the investigators where and when he met
with Arashukov, as he handed him the “order” and paid the fee.
It is worth noting that this at the “dawn” of his career Rauf
eliminated uncomfortable people with the help of killers. Then he began to
remove them through the group of security forces he controlled from the North
Caucasus Federal District. With the help of the latter, Arashukov decided to
strike even Ramzan Kadyrov.

Rauf Arashukov simply loves to be photographed with famous people, who
immediately writes down to his friends. Some of these “friends” can
not remember Rauf. And with some gentle senator it is possible to establish
relations. Among the latter was Ramzan Kadyrov. Arashukov simply mlel from
communicating with him, sang laudatory odes and in every possible way showed
that they are on good terms. For the time being, Kadyrov favorably treated
Moreover, their relatives jointly led the federal state institution
“Federal Highway Administration” Caucasus “of the Federal Road
Agency.” Kadyrov-Ruslan Lechkhadzhiyev’s relative was in charge of the
PKU, and Arashukov’s relative Muradin Kardanov was the first deputy head of the
According to sources, Rauf surrounded himself with people who
at every opportunity speak of his greatness. These people from his entourage
“sang” that he had already reached enormous heights and his status is
not lower than that of Ramzan Kadyrov. In reality, their magnitude can be
compared, like a teddy bear and a grizzly bear. But Rauf believed in the words
of the environment and does not consider himself plush at all.

As a result, he decided … to put a relative of Kadyrov Lechadzhiev, and in
his place to put his relative Kardanov.
And so, one day a group of siloviki broke into the office of Lechkhadzhiev with
a search. Later it was found out that they worked in the criminal case
“sucked from the finger”, but they were determined resolutely. The
latter suspected that he could become a victim of “intrigues” inside
the PKU and was absolutely right. The security service “looked” into
Kardanova’s phone and found correspondence there with Rauf, where they
discussed their scenario, how with the help of the siloviki “to fall
down” Lechkhadzhiev.
Ruslan with this information went to Kadyrov. According to the interlocutors of, having learned about this, Rauf offered Leckhadzhiyev any
benefits and sums, if only Ramzan did not learn about everything. But he was
It is worth noting that the Grizzlies reacted wisely to the tricks of the teddy
bear. Rauf is still healthy and well-nourished. True, Kardanov “flew”
out of the PKU, and Arashukov was struck from the list of people Kadyrov had
ever known. But this, of course, is nothing, compared to what could have been.
Therefore Rauf, with a single mention of Ramzan and Adam Delimkhanov, changes
in the face and is covered with cold sweat. And he is ready for anything, only
if Kadyrov erases not only his name from the notebook, but also all the
memories of the history with Lechkhadzhiev.

To be continued
Vitaly Tolstykh

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