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1. Trump from Michael_Novakhov (197 sites): Donald Trump | The Guardian: CDC coronavirus testing guidelines were published despite objection of scientists

Scientists disagreed with recommendations, including one advising people without symptoms had no need to be tested

A key set of guidelines for who should get tested for coronavirus that was issued last month by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was reportedly published on the agency’s web site over the strong objection of CDC scientists.

The scientists disagreed sharply with recommendations in the document including one advising that people who did not show symptoms of Covid-19 had no need to be tested for coronavirus, even if they had come into contact with a known carrier, the New York Times said in a report on Friday.

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Olivia Troye, VP Pence’s lead staffer on the COVID task force, resigned two months ago. Now she speaks out:
“No matter how hard you worked…the president was going to do something detrimental to keeping Americans safe. It was awful. It was terrifying.”

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1. Trump from Michael_Novakhov (197 sites)