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In the 48 hours since Ruth Bader Ginsberg passed away, Lindsey Graham’s tweets have become more cocky, openly villainous, and even taunting in nature. He’s bragging about how he flip flopped on filling a last minute Supreme Court vacancy before an election. You’d think the prick was in hog heaven.

But behind the scenes, it’s a different story. MSNBC host Joy Reid just tweeted this: “A GOP source with eyes on SC tells me despite his in-your-face flip flop on voting in a SCOTUS justice 40-something days before an election, Lindsey Graham is privately rattled about that tie he’s in with Jaime Harrison. He’s never really faced a viable, well-funded challenger.”


This isn’t necessarily surprising. Lindsey Graham bet big on the premise that sucking up to Donald Trump could make him relevant in the latest iteration of the Republican Party. But instead, Trump’s toxic unpopularity – and Graham’s own increasingly deranged behavior in the name of propping Trump up – has dragged Graham’s popularity into the gutter.

Lindsey Graham’s behavior is also becoming more erratic and mentally unstable by the day, so it’s not a shock to hear that he’s falling apart behind the scenes. Graham seems to be headed toward not only a potential loss, but some kind of mental breakdown. If you want to help finish him off, you can donate to Jaime Harrison here.

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