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1. Trump from Michael_Novakhov (197 sites): Donald Trump | The Guardian: ‘Follow your conscience,’ Biden urges Republicans as Trump pushes for supreme court nominee – video

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden makes a plea to Senate Republicans, asking them to ‘follow their conscience’ and defy president Donald Trump’s push to name his nominee for the supreme court ahead of November’s election. Trump says he plans to nominate a women for the seat as soon as possible, after Ruth Bader Ginsburg died aged 87 six weeks out from the US election. ‘I appeal to those few Senate Republicans, that handful who really will decide what happens. Please follow your conscience,’ Biden says. ‘Don’t vote to confirm anyone nominated under the circumstances President Trump and Senator McConnell have created. Don’t go there. Uphold your constitutional duty, your conscience’

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1. Trump from Michael_Novakhov (197 sites)