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America is often described as a “split screen nation”, bitterly divided between two political tribes dwelling in echo chambers. But Thursday night at 8pm was a bit too on the nose.

The NBC network hosted a town hall event with Donald Trump. ABC hosted a simultaneous town hall event with his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden. It was a fitting battle for a ratings-obsessed US president who made himself a reality TV star on The Apprentice.

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Here are some quick clips of the two performances last night. US president Donald Trump refused to denounce right wing conspiracy theory QAnon during a town hall-style event, claiming he didn’t know about it, despite retweeting QAnon accounts.

In heated exchanges with NBC host Savannah Guthrie, Trump was pressed to denounce white supremacy before being asked about QAnon and a baseless conspiracy theory about Joe Biden.

Good morning, and welcome to our live coverage of US politics for Friday. Debates are usually seen as a chance to potentially sway the minds of a few undecided voters. Whether anybody was persuaded to change their view by yesterday’s competing presidential town halls on different networks remains to be seen.

The day is sure to be dominated by the fall-out from the events. Here’s a catch up on where we are, and a little of what we might expect today…

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