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Blogs from Michael_Novakhov (29 sites): The News And Times: 8:50 AM 11/1/2020

8:50 AM 11/1/2020

Mike Nova’s favorite articles on Inoreader 
Far-right militia groups fixate on Election Day doomsday scenarios
Spain rocked by second night of clashes over coronavirus measures
Britain starts accelerated review for AstraZeneca’s potential COVID-19 vaccine
Russia rules out cutting fossil fuel production in next few decades
Russias Four Wars: Return Of The Russian Leviathan Wins Pushkin House Prize – Forbes
Силовики стреляют на воскресном марше в Минске
Global Wine Production Slumps For Second Year As Industry Crushed By Virus   
Microsoft Edge Beats Google Chrome With This Brilliant New Feature – Forbes
Google ad costs, not its alleged monopoly, irks businesses – ABC News
France: President Macron says he understands Muslim shock over Prophet cartoons
Several injured after hayride accident – WTVY
Global Security News- Mike Novas favorite articles on Inoreader: FOX News: Federal judge orders USPS to take extraordinary measures to deliver mail-in ballots on time
The National Interest: When Victory Means Loss: Imperial Japans Win at Coral Sea Came at a High Price
“us national security” – Google News: At Least 51 Dead in Turkey, Greek Islands Earthquake – Voice of America
Stars and Stripes: UK says four-week coronavirus lockdown may have to last longer
Trump: 5 or more countries to make peace with Israel after election – The Jerusalem Post
EU Sanctions Russian Officials Over Navalny Poisoning, Citing Chemical Weapons Use – KVNF Public Radio
The China Ambassador’s Son Who Got Rich in Trump’s Swamp – The Intercept
Trumpism And Trump mikenov on Twitter: Selected News Articles
realDonaldTrump on Twitter: Joe Biden called Black Youth SUPER PREDATORS. They will NEVER like him, or vote for him. They are voting for TRUMP.

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