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1. Trump from Michael_Novakhov (197 sites): Palmer Report: Michigan slams the door on Donald Trump

– Michigan’s State Senate Majority Leader, a Republican, is once again publicly confirming that he has no interest in trying to illegally give Joe Biden’s electoral votes to Donald Trump. Such a stunt never would have held up in court anyway. It’s a reminder that what we saw playing out in Wayne County last night, while deranged, was never going anywhere anyway.


– Who cares if some Trump 2020 voters think the result is illegitimate? It won’t impact what President Biden wants to do. Most of Hillary’s voters (correctly) thought the 2016 election was illegitimate, and it didn’t keep Trump from doing what he wanted to do. You never see the other side fretting about these kinds of things. The amount of time MSNBC pundits waste on these hand-wringing narratives is just absurd.

– This is your daily reminder that because Trump will surely try to pardon himself on federal charges on his way out the door, and because it’ll take quite some time in court to try to get that pardon thrown out, New York will get first crack at bringing state charges against Trump long before the DOJ gets the opportunity. Trump will likely be in state prison long before the DOJ even has the option of charging him. President Biden won’t play a role in this. And for the record, Biden has said repeatedly that he won’t pardon Trump on federal charges under any circumstances. This entire question of Trump facing federal charges from the Biden DOJ is a non-issue.

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