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Bill Barr is a corrupt criminal who belongs in prison for several counts of felony obstruction of justice. But even though the media tried to paint him as some kind of evil genius villain, we keep seeing evidence that Barr was really just a middling bumbler whose schemes usually didn’t work. Now it’s happened again today.


Months ago Barr ousted the U.S. Attorney for the SDNY, and tried to replace him with a Trump administration puppet, in an apparent attempt at preventing the SDNY from indicting and arresting Steve Bannon. But the U.S. Attorney refused to resign until he had legal assurances that he’d be replaced by his own longtime deputy, Audrey Strauss. Accordingly, Bannon ended up getting arrested.

Now the courts have determined today that Audrey Strauss, who had been serving as Acting U.S. Attorney all this time, is legitimately the permanent U.S. Attorney. This matters, because her “Acting” tenure was set to expire before Trump left office. But now she’s locked in place until the end of Trump’s term, meaning Trump never will get to mess with the SDNY. In other words, Barr did all that for nothing.

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