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When American presidents leave office, they hope their legacy reflects what they accomplished for the country. With respect to “president” Donald Trump, that legacy will be bitterly remembered. Donald Trump’s accomplishments include taking money from the Pentagon to build a wall most did not want and giving tax cuts to the rich.

Trump’s biggest accomplishments, however, were cultivating hate and creating chaos. With stimulus checks and federally enhanced unemployment benefits on the line, Trump continued creating chaos. According to Politico, Republican Senator Pat Toomey said that if Trump did not sign the stimulus bill into law, he’d be “remembered for chaos and misery and erratic behavior,” all of which are already his legacy.

Though he signed the bill at the eleventh hour, Donald Trump’s stunt was designed to make us believe that he suddenly cared about the American people by insisting on a bigger stimulus check. This sudden reversal by Trump was no more than an attempt to change his legacy, and no one was fooled. Donald Trump had months to put in his “two cents,” and he was represented in negotiations by Steve Mnuchin, who fought against larger checks from the beginning. Democrats sought to repeat the $1,200 stimulus sent earlier last year while Republicans wanted to give us nothing. There are so many ways that this could have been worked out.


The bill Trump finally signed was approved by the House and Senate, with media outlets predicting the arrival of stimulus checks as early as next week. When Trump refused to sign the bill as presented, it appeared that Americans would not receive critical extended federal unemployment benefits and much needed aid to small businesses. Why not sign the bill and work with Congress to increase the amount later? Nancy Pelosi was all for the larger stimulus check, but the Republican Senate blocked it. Instead of simply signing this bill, Trump decided to throw a temper tantrum, which has been his typical behavior since losing the election. Instead of signing this bill and allowing Americans to breath a sigh of relief, Trump left for his Christmas vacation at Mar-a-Lago. While Americans were suffering, Trump was tweeting and golfing, and his vice president was skiing in Vail, CBS reported. Yet, 70 million people voted to keep these two in office for another term. Thank God they were not successful.

We will now be spared facing expired benefits, an expired eviction moratorium, and a government shutdown, which would have delayed payroll for many federal workers. Trump has been playing games with the American people since he was installed in the presidency in 2016. He has constantly created turmoil, and he has never been a leader. He is a loud-mouthed, uncouth bully who has no idea how to lead anything let alone a country as diverse as America that is now crippled by the very pandemic he allowed to spread. He has signed the bill, but he has not changed his legacy. He will go down in history as the most cruel, selfish, and evil president to ever disgrace our history.

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