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The Investigation of Donald Trump and Trumpism

December 7, 2022 3:17 pm

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Trump Investigations

1. Trump from Michael_Novakhov (197 sites): Donald Trump | The Guardian: Trump impeachment: House to debate charge of ‘incitement of insurrection’ – live

Third-ranking GOP member in House, Liz Cheney, says she’ll vote to impeach

The US supreme court has reinstated a requirement that women visit a hospital or clinic to obtain a drug used for medication-induced abortions, lifting an order by a lower court allowing the drug to be posted or delivered during the coronavirus pandemic.

The justices granted a request by the Trump administration to lift a federal judge’s July order that had suspended the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) rule requiring in-person visits.

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Prominent lawyers who helped fuel Donald Trump’s baseless charges of election fraud to try and thwart Joe Biden’s win, are now facing potentially serious legal and financial problems of their own tied to their aggressive echoing of Trump’s false election claims, say former Department of Justice lawyers and legal experts.

They include a federal investigation into the Capitol attack by a pro-Trump mob, possible disbarment and a defamation lawsuit.

Michael Kranish writes for the Washington Post overnight about Liz Cheney, the highest ranking Republican yet to come out in favor of impeaching president Donald Trump. He reports:

The decision marked an extraordinary denouement for Cheney and her potentially precarious perch in the party’s leadership. She had feuded for months with Trump and lately had been at odds with the majority of her caucus, even as speculation mounts about whether she might one day seek the speakership. The move was applauded by those in the party who have urged a clean break with Trump.

“It is a remarkable statement that sets a new bar for leadership in the House,” said Brendan Buck, a former aide to House Speaker John A. Boehner. “She is turning the page on Donald Trump. I think she is doing the right thing in her mind, and when you do the right thing for the right reasons you have to hope the politics work out for you.”

Cheney was in the House chamber, urging that Republicans reject efforts pushed by Trump and many others in her party to challenge the electoral college results that determined Trump had lost his reelection bid. She did not know she was being attacked by Trump, who was delivering the speech that would incite a mob to storm the Capitol, until her father reached her by phone in the House cloakroom.

“We got to get rid of the weak congresspeople, the ones that aren’t any good, the Liz Cheneys of the world,” Trump said in the speech, singling her out as he urged the mob to march to the Capitol. After being informed of the president’s tirade by her father, Cheney walked out on the House floor, still hoping to stop the effort backed by Trump to overturn the electoral college votes. Then she heard a mob banging on the chamber’s doors and a shot fired, and realized that an attempted insurrection was underway.

According to the figures from the Johns Hopkins university, yesterday the US recorded 215,805 new coronavirus cases, and 4,327 further deaths. This takes the total death toll in the pandemic in the US to 380,485, and marks the highest single daily death figure recorded by the university since the pandemic began. The previous highest figure of 4,194 was recorded on 7 January.

The Covid Tracking Project reports that 131,326 people are currently hospitalized in the US with Covid-19. It is the 42nd day in a row that the figure has exceeded 100,000.

Arizona reported a record-high 5,082 hospitalized Covid-19 patients Tuesday and on the same day broke a second record: more than 1,180 patients with the virus in ICU beds. In Louisiana, Gov. John Bel Edwards extended an order which keeps Covid-19 mitigation measures in place for nearly another month, saying the state was seeing a “huge spike” in cases and hospitalizations.

Overnight, Kansas woman Lisa Montgomery was executed, the first time in nearly seven decades that the US government has put to death a female inmate.

Montgomery, 52, was pronounced dead at 1.31am after receiving a lethal injection at the federal prison complex in Terre Haute, Indiana. She was the 11th prisoner to receive a lethal injection there since July when Donald Trump, an ardent supporter of capital punishment, resumed federal executions after a 17-year hiatus.

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Nancy Pelosi accused Donald Trump of associating himself with sedition and treason in a strong statement yesterday calling for the removal of the president through impeachment after a failed call for enactment of the 25th amendment.

The final vote on Tuesday night was 223 to 205, with only one Republican backing the non-binding resolution that asked Mike Pence, the vice-president, to declare Trump ‘incapable’ under the 25th amendment.

Welcome to our live coverage of US politics for Wednesday, when the House of Representatives is expected to vote to impeach president Donald Trump for a historic second time.

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1. Trump from Michael_Novakhov (197 sites)