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The Investigation of Donald Trump and Trumpism

January 26, 2023 4:26 pm

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Trump Investigations

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US President Donald Trump. Photo Credit: Tasnim News Agency

All said and done, history will note that during the four years of  the Trump administration, on several occasions, Trump was ridiculed, abused and criticized by a large section of US media, his sworn critics and members of the democratic party. More than that, he was also impeached by the House twice and thus humiliated.

In the process, all the good steps that Trump took did not receive the type of attention that they should have received. Certainly, Trump has significant credits to claim. In spite of the vociferous anti-Trump campaign, the fact is that many Americans have felt that Trump was more sinned against than sinning. This is clearly revealed by the fact that millions of people in America voted for Trump in the recent Presidential election.

Of course, Trump’s refusal to accept the verdict gracefully and the riots on Capitol Hill have tarnished his name.

In any case, the era of Trump is now over. But, his adversaries do not seem to be satisfied with just one impeachment. It appears that they want to carry on with their anti-Trump crusade with one more impeachment.  

Now, the ball is in Biden’s court and he has to prove himself.

One hopes that Biden would be able to ensure that hatred and animosity   among the various sections of people in the USA will be wiped out and a sense of solidarity would be brought in. This is the upper most challenge facing Biden.

To enable Biden to be successful in this challenging  task, he needs the support of every section of society.  Biden said during his swearing in ceremony that he would be the President for all. While this is a refreshing and welcome statement, he has to walk the talk.   

The impeachment move against Trump for the second time is certainly  leading to bad blood, particularly since millions of Americans who voted for the former president are not be happy about this second impeachment  move. Should Biden unwittingly facilitate such a negative trend?

Biden may have contempt for Trump for whatever reasons which he has not concealed. However, it is high time that Biden exhibits a quality of statesmanship by not persisting with the old themes. He should refrain from keeping the focus of America on Trump, which will lead to unending debate on whether the impeachment move is right or wrong. What is important is to avoid a situation where arguments and counter arguments take place, which could inevitably lead to more bitterness and divisive attitudes and weaken America.

Biden should let bygones be bygones  and stop the second impeachment move against Trump forthwith. Today, America needs to move in a progressive direction and should not get bogged down in scenes of confrontation and conflict.

The second impeachment move may give vicarious satisfaction to the sworn critics of Trump, but it will effectively divert national attention in a counter productive direction. 

Biden is a person with enormous experience as senator and Vice President. He should know better and understand that persisting with a vengeful attitude in his administration could do enormous damage, not only to the mindset of Americans, but also bring ridicule for America in the world.

Let Biden’s administration and his Democratic party stop focusing on Trump by constantly criticizing him and highlighting his negatives.

America needs to be healed now, which is entirely in the hands of Biden. The country cries for a farsighted leader who will not persist with the past but look ahead with vision. Biden is wasting his time and that of America, if he does not stop the second impeachment move against Trump. 

The article Biden Should Stop Second Impeachment Move Against Trump – OpEd appeared first on Eurasia Review.

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