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 The News And Times – Latest Blog Posts – 4:27 AM 2/5/2021

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The News And Times – Blog Posts
1:25 PM 2/4/2021 – Podcasts Review
11:54 AM 2/4/2021 – Podcasts Review
The FBI News Review: 7:33 AM 2/4/2021 Attention FBI: Was it a TRAP?! Special Agent Daniel Alfin and Special Agent Laura Schwartzenberger: What Went Wrong During FBI Search Warrant That Led To Shooting, Agents Deaths?
6:18 AM 2/4/2021 – News Brief: On Twitter
2:37 PM 2/3/2021 – 2 FBI agents killed, 3 agents wounded while serving warrant
1:43 PM 2/3/2021 – Эхо Москвы – Особое мнение : Глеб Павловский | Scientists explain why the new Covid-19 variants could be more infectious
1:32 PM 2/3/2021 – Vaccination Update: 92% of first doses allocated to NYS health care distribution sites have been administered as of 11am today. -1,554,450 first doses received -1,432,195 first doses administered
11:31 AM 2/3/2021 – America isnt moving its troops out of Germany and Belgium for Poland … That plan, Wolters said, has been put on freeze … | Trumps Banker at Deutsche Bank Was Ousted for a Real Estate Deal – The New York Times
11:14 AM 2/3/2021 – Several Capitol rioters are blaming Trumps rhetoric. Whats in it for them?
9:10 AM 2/3/2021 – Covid-19 and vaccinations in Israel: I “The jury’s still out on whether the vaccine completely stops people from carrying, and passing on, the virus.” | Israel opens coronavirus vaccines to all over-16s | DEBKAfile: Israel closes airport and points of entry for extended period
8:07 AM 2/3/2021 – New York digs out from 16 inches of snow – News Review
6:40 AM 2/3/2021 – The study by researchers at the University of Oxford is the first to document evidence that any coronavirus vaccine can reduce transmission of the virus. Study Finds AstraZeneca Shots Drastically Cut Transmission The New York Times (???)
The Pandemic Bulletin – 9:56 AM 2/2/2021: COVID-19: Surprising number of US healthcare workers refuse vaccines | Vaccine rollout hits snag as health workers balk at shots
Trey Gowdy: “Crooked FBI members …”
5:19 PM 2/1/2021 – New study finds reinfection by SARS-CoV-2 in healthy young adults is common
4:13 PM 2/1/2021 – The Mystery Of India’s Plummeting COVID-19 Cases
Walensky on variants: The presumption at this point is that there has been community spread of this strain, she said. It is likely the United States is experiencing community spread of the COVID-19 virus variant that was first discovered in South Africa. The first two cases of the variant were diagnosed in South Carolina on Thursday.
1:23 PM 2/1/2021 – South African Coronavirus variant with no travel history in England – one more indication that this variant is “local”, of the “community origin”, and of the “sustained community transmission”, just like so many other variants and in so many other and various locations. These facts prompt us to review the basic postulates of the Covid-19 as the travel driven phenomenon and they might indicate the universally present internal, “local”, innate origins of this putative infection rather than acquired from the extraneous sources. This dichotomy is of course extremely important and has to be researched very thoroughly. It has the enormous implications for the understanding of the “Covid-19 Pandemic” and its correct, efficient, and the evidence based management. Michael Novakhov
3:04 AM 2/1/2021 AP The Day 5,000 arrested at anti-Putin protests across Russia
4:19 PM 1/31/2021 – Did Trump know what was about to happen Jan. 6? | TheHill
” World News and Music from The Brooklyn Radio
1:49 PM 1/31/2021 – Trump and the Capitol Riot of January 6, 2021: Trump bears responsibility
7:10 AM 1/31/2021 – Podcasts – Latest episodes | Tweets Review
5:41 PM 1/30/2021 – Yuri Shvets and Craig Unger discuss Trump as Russian asset
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Current News Review In 25 Headlines

  » Consultant fired after making racist comment during Vermont Senate Transportation Committee video call
» A cure for COVID?
» Germany’s virus spending fires up privatisation debate – Macau Business
» The Mysteries of the Trump Impeachment Remake – Asharq Al-awsat – English
» Voice of America – English: VOA Newscasts
» Voice of America – English: VOA Newscasts (2 Minute)
» Voice of America – English: VOA Newscasts
» Voice of America – English: African Beat
» Voice of America – English: Mexico Alleges Ex-Governor Ordered Torture of Journalist
» “Nato Russia” – Google News: In the CAR, France and Russia engage in a mini Cold War – The Africa Report
» Главные новости – Google Новости: Лавров заявил об отсутствии нормальности в отношениях с Евросоюзом – РИА НОВОСТИ
» “russia ukraine” – Google News: Halya Coynash: Russia forces to ‘change the status’ of Crimea | KyivPost – Ukraine’s Global Voice – Kyiv Post
» Главные новости – Google Новости: Кофе оказался защитой против опасных болезней печени –
» Главные новости – Google Новости: В России выявили 16,6 тыс. случаев COVID-19 за сутки – РБК
» Europe: Sanofi to expand cost-savings push as earnings beat expectations
» Главные новости – Google Новости: Россиянка Александрова разгромила вторую ракетку мира в Мельбурне – Газета.Ru
» Главные новости – Google Новости: Политолог оценил заявление Байдена о противостоянии России – RT на русском
» Главные новости – Google Новости: Скандальная компания сняла запрет для инвесторов с Reddit –
» На Урале отменен ряд ограничений в связи со снижением заболеваемости COVID-19 @Россия 24
» В Кабардино-Балкарии три с половиной тысячи человек прошли первый этап вакцинации @Россия 24 ​
» News: travel news covid quarantine hotels uk flights vaccine passports
» FOX News: Win $1,000 on Seton Hall/UConn with FOX Super 6
» World: Pakistan marks ‘Kashmir Day’ with anti-India rallies
» Deutsche Welle from Michael_Novakhov (6 sites): Deutsche Welle: Coronavirus digest: Johnson & Johnson applies for emergency approval in US
» Deutsche Welle from Michael_Novakhov (6 sites): Deutsche Welle: – Top Stories: Coronavirus digest: Johnson & Johnson applies for emergency approval in US


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