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7:22 PM 2/15/2021 – Independent commission will investigate Jan. 6 siege of US Capitol

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Trump Unhinged

The siege of the Capitol was an egregious attack on our democratic government and its elected officials, plain and simple. I think if you viewed the …

… Pelosi (D-Calif.) needed to explain why troops were being kept in the nation’s capital when the threat from last month’s deadly siege had subsided.

National Geographic photographer Louie Palu documents the siege inside the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 6. Share: …

The speaker says in a letter to Democratic colleagues that the House will also put forth supplemental spending to boost security at the Capitol. Following …

… Capitol when authorities first learned of an active threat against the building days before the siege. On Monday, a number of House GOP lawmakers …

Speaker Pelosi reiterates call for independent commission to study the Capitol siege · Matthew Dowd says we need to ‘examine the soil upon which the …

The accountability era begins

Immediately following his impeachment acquittal, former President Donald Trump issued a statement saying his movement “has only just begun.” He is right about one thing: Something has only just begun, but it’s not another chapter of the conspiracies and lies to which Trump clings. The movement that just got kicked into high gear is an era of accountability.

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Man pleads guilty in conspiracy to kidnap Michigan governor  KFVS


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