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Minecraft Discord server played role in the Pentagon leak

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The US pentagon building.

The Pentagon was scrambling last week after it discovered its largest document leak since the actions of Edward Snowden. The classified documents were obtained by Russia after they were posted to a Minecraft Discord channel.

Discord, a chatting app used most popularly by those in the gaming community, has been in the spotlight after documents leaked by a member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard were traced back to his actions on the platform.

Discord operates differently from other social media platforms, being that it is organized into public and private groups called servers, which often are unsearchable and require an invitation to enter. Servers then allow for different channels or chat rooms set up for different topics. This allows for much more secrecy on the platform when compared to other, more traditional forms of social media.

The server in which the documents from the Pentagon were initially leaked is called “Thug Shaker Central,” court documents shared.

The man alleged to have leaked the documents on Thug Shaker Central is 21-year-old Jack Teixeira, the leader of the private Discord server.

Teixeira is accused of having shared more than 300 photos of classified documents to the Thug Shaker Central server and having shared classified information since 2020, according to The Washington Post.

“Today’s arrest exemplifies our continued commitment to identifying, pursuing, and holding accountable those who betray our country’s trust and put our national security at risk,” the FBI said in a statement after Teixeira was arrested in connection to the leak.

On the server, Teixeira allegedly shared the classified military documents, several of which are linked to CIA briefings. The documents were leaked onto the Thug Shaker Central server in mid-January, court documents alleged.

The Discord server had around 20 members in it at the time of the leak, with Business Insider reporting that they were almost exclusively young men or teenage boys. Topics discussed in the server often included video games, guns, and military gear.

However, while the documents were leaked in January, they remained on the private server until one member decided to share them further.

The discord user who goes by the name of Lucca, allegedly decided to share some of the documents in the larger, publicly searchable group dedicated to a YouTuber, which had closer to 4,000 members in it, in March, reports say.

One of the admins for the server, whose username is Krralj, spoke with The Guardian about the leak, saying that he had known Lucca for several years and that the thought of the documents being legit never crossed his mind.

“Lucca is a young fellow who’s a good guy but a bit stupid when it comes to stuff he does online. We asked him not to post the documents, and he did it anyway. But only a dozen people saw that post,” Krralj said.

After the post was made, Krralj told ABC News that he quickly tried to remove the posts, saying that the entire chat was inevitably deleted to try and control the damage.

“We didn’t even want the documents to be spread … we don’t want to spread dangerous documents to danger lives of people,” Krralj told ABC News.

However, another teen who spoke with The Guardian about the situation said he saw the post by Lucca, thinking it was fake, and thought it “would make a funny joke” to post them on another Discord server dedicated to Minecraft.

Then in April, they were posted on 4chan and then on the pro-Russian Telegram channel.

“About a month later, in early April, somebody posted them on 4chan to win an argument. That later got to Russian Telegram channels, where they were doctored,” the anonymous teenager told the Guardian.

It was after the documents were shared on Telegram that the Pentagon caught wind of the leak, resulting in the arrest of Teixeira on Thursday.

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Войска в ярости от получения «бредового» подарка Путина как бога

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from The Daily Beast Latest Articles.

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#FBI: Are the online video gaming websites the perfect recruitment ground for the hostile foreign intelligence services, including the GRU? Frequency and mortality of the US mass shootings go hand in hand with the degree of tensions in the international relations, primarily between the US and Russia. FBI, do the good statistical studies to elaborate further on this impression.

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from The News And Times.


Are the online video gaming websites the perfect recruitment places for the hostile foreign intelligence services, including the GRU? – GS

“Almost every teen plays video games — 97 percent of boys, according to the Pew Research Center, and 83 percent of girls.”

And out of this number, about 1% to 5% may be quite susceptible to the online manipulations, including the “priming” for mass killings and other crimes detrimental to National Security, like these recent Pentagon leaks. Out of the 1-5% susceptible group, there is probably a final 1-5% of doers group. Computer interactions are very likely augmented by the real life human agents, witting or not.  

FBI has to pay attention and to deal with this factor, which is well described in mass media, and which will only gain in significance in the coming years. 

Michael Novakhov, blogger – 9:22 AM 4/14/2023


Gaming Terrorist Recruitment

Technology and social media provide extremist groups with a unique global platform to spread their ideology and indoctrinate young recruits. The Islamic State exemplifies the use of technology to disseminate high quality propaganda that emulates Hollywood movies and popular video games. Using a variety of social media platforms, the Islamic State has been able to reach millions of people and encourage tens-of-thousands to leave their homes and join the Caliphate.


World News 2023 | Video ReviewYouTube Playlists

Leaks of US military documents – The News And Times Review – thenewsandtimes.comExpanded ViewRSS Page

 All Articles – The News And Times Review – thenewsandtimes.comReviewRSS Page

Frequency and mortality of the US mass shootings go hand in hand with the degree of tensions in the international relations, primarily between the US and Russia. #FBI, do the good statistical studies to elaborate further on this impression.
If true, this association will indicate (the still hypothetical and in need of further confirmations) involvement of the Russian intelligence services (“Spetsnaz”?) and the MOB-TOC in these incidents.
It is not the availability of guns that matters much. It is the availability of the skills and subjects of these services (mass killings as the Special Psychological, intimidating Operations) that matters; well paid and otherwise rewarded by the ultimate customers (mostly Putin?).
In other words, this is the Counterintelligence issue, more than any other. And it is one of the
#Counterintelligence failures, which now become more and more visible.



Are the online video gaming websites the perfect recruitment ground for the hostile foreign intelligence services, including the gru? – Google Search

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Pentagon leaks reveal some US special forces in Ukraine

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from NewsNation.

  • Classified documents on the Ukraine war recently leaked
  • They show special forces from Western countries are in Ukraine
  • The Biden administration says there are no US combat forces there


(NewsNation) — President Joe Biden said from day one of the Russian invasion there would be no U.S. military boots on the ground in Ukraine — but we’ve now learned there are at least some military personnel from America attached to the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv.

A senior White House official told NewsNation there is a small U.S. military presence in Ukraine providing Embassy security services and accountability for weapons getting sent there.

This all came to light in leaked Pentagon documents showing the U.S. and its allies, including the United Kingdom, Latvia, France and the Netherlands, have special forces on the ground in Ukraine.

The response from the Biden administration today has been that there’s nothing to see here.

This is something they’ve talked about before — and the administration reaffirmed there are no combat forces in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s defense minister denies claims NATO troops are fighting against Russian armed forces.

It should be said NewsNation — and other news organizations — have not confirmed the accuracy of the information included in these leaked documents, though the Pentagon has confirmed the leak’s authenticity.

Some of the documents also appear to have been doctored after they were leaked as well.

On Wednesday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin met with Ukraine’s Prime Minister at the Pentagon. Austin reaffirmed U.S. support for Ukraine amid the document leak.

“I’m confident that we will meet Ukraine’s defense needs through this spring and beyond,” Austin said. “As the president has repeatedly made clear we will stand by Ukraine as long as it takes.”

A senior defense official didn’t rule out the possibility of more leaks — saying officials are still assessing the full scope of what they’re dealing with.

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Army Veteran Wins the Lottery, His Vengeful Family Threatened to Sue Him for More Than He Has

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Shoigu and Dyumin – GS | M.N.: Coldness, tension, hostility – these are the impressions of the interactions between these two men: Сергей Шойгу проверил выполнение гособоронзаказа на предприятиях Тульской области. Глава Минобороны осмотрел цеха по производству реактивных снарядов – Видео: Минобороны России

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from The News And Times.

Shoigu and Dyumin – GS

M.N.: Coldness, tension, hostility – these are the impressions of the interactions between these two men. 

I think, if Dyumin assumes the Russian MOD leadership, he will turn the Ukraine war back to its original concept: as the “special operation” conducted by the Special Operation Forces, his specialty

I think, the Russians will lose anyway, but with more blood, atrocities, and unpredictability. 

This is in short. The long answer is the subject to the proper professional analysis. 

It is clear now though, that Dyumin is unquestionably, absolutely loyal to Putin (which gave rise to jokes about their “love affair” among the MOD jokers), will protect Putin as much or more than himself, is very smart, of good character (they all are “humane”), and intensely merciless and cruel, when he feels he has to be. His hypothetical appointment might bring about the substantial and significant changes into the Ukraine – Russia situation. If he manages to get out of this quagmire (not necessarily by the military means but also by diplomatic and political ones), Dyumin might become the Putin’s successor, and relatively soon. 

 “Сергей Шойгу проверил выполнение гособоронзаказа на предприятиях Тульской области. Глава Минобороны осмотрел цеха по производству реактивных снарядов – Видео: Минобороны России“. 

Michael Novakhov, blogger 

10:38 AM 4/11/2023 – Post LInk


Michael Novakhov’s favorite articles on Inoreader

Michael Novakhov @mikenov

Shoigu and Dyumin – Google Search…

Сергей Шойгу проверил выполнение гособоронзаказа на предприятиях Тульской области. Глава Минобороны осмотрел цеха по производству реактивных снарядов: Видео: Минобороны России

ТАСС @tass_agency

Michael Novakhov retweeted:

Сергей Шойгу проверил выполнение гособоронзаказа на предприятиях Тульской области. Глава Минобороны осмотрел цеха по производству реактивных снарядов: Видео: Минобороны России

Military History Now @MilHistNow

Michael Novakhov retweeted:

American Turncoat – Meet the Only U.S. Army Officer to Defect to the Nazis in WW2…

ТАСС @tass_agency

Michael Novakhov retweeted:

Госдума приняла в третьем чтении законопроект об электронных повестках в военкомат для военнообязанных и об ограничениях за уклонение от призыва:

ТАСС @tass_agency

Michael Novakhov retweeted:

В Госдуме 11 апреля рассмотрят итоговый доклад парламентской комиссии по расследованию деятельности американских биолабораторий на Украине. Согласно данным РФ, США разместили в соседних с Россией государствах сеть биологических лабораторий:

The New York Times @nytimes

Michael Novakhov retweeted:

@nytimes Over nearly two decades, the county’s insurance paid to settle lawsuits against the sheriff, yet state prosecutors brought no charges. Even now, no one has reviewed how he ran his jail or whether he was endangering women. Read the full investigation.

The New York Times @nytimes

Michael Novakhov retweeted:

@nytimes Now, 16 years after a woman claimed the sheriff pressured her to lie about being raped, he faces federal bribery charges. At least eight men — including the sheriff himself — have been accused of sex abuse by women who were in jail while he was in charge.

The New York Times @nytimes

Michael Novakhov retweeted:

A former sheriff in rural Mississippi has been accused of abusing those under his watch, turning a blind eye to raped women and trying to cover it up. As allegations mounted, @MSTODAYnews and @nytimes found, no one scrutinized how he ran his jail.

Glasnost Gone @GlasnostGone

Michael Novakhov retweeted:

President Zelensky met with founder of Virgin Group – British entrepreneur Richard Branson, who has joined the team of ambassadors of the @U24_gov_ua fundraising platform. Thanked Richard for the powerful message of support for…


Michael Novakhov retweeted:

Hey, I did a podcast with the Spyhards guys! The film subject: The Russia House WHY LANGLEY, BOB?…

Shoigu and Dyumin – Google Search

Shoigu and Dyumin – Google Search

— Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) April 11, 2023

The News And Times Information Network – Blogs By Michael Novakhov – <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”></a>

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How U.S. friends and foes have responded to leaked Pentagon documents – The Washington Post

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Минск хочет получить гарантии защиты со стороны России, заявил Лукашенко – РИА Новости, 10.04.2023

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from РИА Новости.

Минск хочет получить гарантии защиты со стороны России, заявил Лукашенко

Лукашенко: Минску нужны гарантии защиты со стороны России в случае внешней агрессии

Президент Белоруссии Александр Лукашенко - РИА Новости, 1920, 10.04.2023
Президент Белоруссии Александр Лукашенко. Архивное фото
Читать в

МИНСК, 10 апр – РИА Новости. Президент Белоруссии Александр Лукашенко заявил, что Минску нужны со стороны Москвы гарантии защиты республики как собственной территории в случае внешней агрессии.
Лукашенко в понедельник в Минске проводит встречу с министром обороны России Сергеем Шойгу, обсуждается вопрос обеспечения безопасности в Союзном государстве. Шойгу прибыл в белорусскую столицу в развитие недавних договоренностей между главами двух государств.
Президент РФ Владимир Путин и президент Республики Беларусь Александр Лукашенко на заседании Высшего государственного совета СГ - РИА Новости, 1920, 06.04.2023

Россия и Белоруссия будут актуализировать подходы по гарантиям безопасности

“В общем это звучало на переговорах (президентов Белоруссии и России – ред.) так, что в случае агрессии против Беларуси Российская Федерация защищает Беларусь как собственную территорию. Вот такие нам нужны (гарантии – ред.) безопасности”, – приводит слова Лукашенко Sputnik Беларусь.
Белорусский президент пояснил, что поднимал тему обеспечения безопасности во время разговора с Владимиром Путиным.
“Я этот вопрос поднял в переговорах с президентом России. Он абсолютно меня поддержал по всем направлениям. И, говорит, нам надо проревизировать все наши договоры и соглашения – Беларуси и России, – посмотреть, какой нормативный правовой акт межгосударственного характера надо принять сейчас, чтобы обеспечить полную безопасность Беларуси”, – добавил Лукашенко.
Он констатировал, что западные страны не выполняют договоренности о гарантиях безопасности, которые давались в рамках Будапештского меморандума в обмен на вывод из республики ядерного оружия.
“Где-то после 1994 года, известного Будапештского меморандума, где клялись все западные державы и Россия предоставить полную безопасность Казахстану, Украине и Беларуси. Естественно, вы знаете, что западные государства растоптали все эти договоры, соглашения и заявления и никакой безопасности нет”, – отметил Лукашенко.
Он обратил внимание, что тогда “имелась в виду экономическая безопасность в том числе”. “Ну какая экономическая безопасность, если они вводят против нас, России санкции?!” – подчеркнул Лукашенко.

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Opinion | The White House’s new executive order on spyware is needed – The Washington Post

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The White House is trying to stop the spread of spyware. It won’t be easy.


5 min
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President Biden just took a massive step on stopping the proliferation of commercial spyware. But recent reporting on a shady government contract with one of the most notorious snooping services raises the question: How can the United States clean up the world’s act on these singularly invasive tools if, so far, it hasn’t been able to clean up its own?

Last week, the White House issued an executive order prohibiting federal agencies from using hacking tools that could be harnessed by foreign governments to abuse human rights — forcing firms to stop selling to bad actors or risk losing this country’s valuable business. The rules also block vendors whose products pose national security or counterintelligence risks — as well as whose services have already been leveraged against the U.S. government. This scenario is far from hypothetical: The administration has said that an astounding 50 personnel in at least 10 countries have been targeted. The number presumably includes the 11 State Department employees in Uganda whose iPhones were accessed via a tool developed by the NSO Group, an Israeli cybersecurity company also connected to Saudi Arabia’s efforts to break into the devices of associates of Post contributing columnist Jamal Khashoggi during the months before the journalist’s murder.

The move is immensely encouraging, and would be even more so if not for an investigation by the New York Times published only days after the announcement that reveals a secret arrangement between a U.S. government front company and a domestic NSO Group affiliate. The deal gave an unnamed agency access to a geolocation tool that can covertly track cellphones: the same tool an adviser to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman used as part of Saudi Arabia’s dissent-crushing campaign. More troubling still, the agreement was forged only days after the Commerce Department, with much fanfare, placed NSO on a blacklist preventing U.S. firms from selling their technology to it. That action was supposed to send the signal that the United States was ready to take a stand against a company that, time and time again, has facilitated illegal investigations, intimidation and imprisonment. But within a week, one of its federal agencies had inked a contract with representatives of that same firm.

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A National Security Council spokesperson told us, “We have not yet been able to validate the existence of any such contract,” and said that use of the product wouldn’t be permitted by the new order. But no one has denied that the contract does exist. The matter of who in the executive branch did know about the arrangement remains unclear. And the lack of knowledge by the NSC is in itself alarming. There are other uncertainties: Which agency purchased the tool, and for what purpose? Has it been deployed? The administration needs to be aware of all procurement and use of spyware. After all, any attempt to box out unscrupulous spyware companies globally falls apart the moment the United States shakes one of their hands.

Follow Editorial Board’s opinionsFollow

Today, firms can offer their services for despots without facing any real consequences. NSO has sold to unambiguously authoritarian nations, but its sales to democracies have done the most damage to norms involving surveillance. See, for instance, Mexico’s spying on journalists investigating military crimes. Even when these governments go through appropriate legal channels, they contribute to the lawlessness of the larger commercial spyware market simply by buying. NSO and its peers have no incentive to stop selling to the world’s worst actors even if countries that claim to cherish civil liberties continue doing business with them.

That’s the trap the United States risks walking into if it can’t get a handle on its own use of spyware. There are legitimate uses for this technology: Infiltrating terrorist networks is an obvious example; so is espionage. But democracies have to do more than just follow those rules when they employ surveillance tools. They also have to deny licenses for export of any tools developed on their soil to any destination with a violating record — or without a framework to prevent violations — and they should refuse imports from the same set of places, and from firms willing to do business with them. Importantly, they need to do all this together if they hope to put a real dent in spyware firms’ balance sheets.

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The White House kicked off a much-needed collaborative regime with this month’s executive order and with the principles that 11 participating states in this year’s Summit for Democracy agreed to on the heels of its release. (Israel, notably, wasn’t among them.) Ideally, their commitments will evolve to detail what standards countries must put in place and what uses are permissible, as well as to include more types of services than the “end-to-end software suites” offered by groups such as NSO. Plenty of mercenaries in the global market are hawking less comprehensive surveillance capabilities, or merely disclosing vulnerabilities for a fee so that the purchaser may go off and exploit them. But most important, to make this sort of system work, those who sign on must be strict — with vendors, but also with themselves.

The Post’s View | About the Editorial Board

Editorials represent the views of The Post as an institution, as determined through debate among members of the Editorial Board, based in the Opinions section and separate from the newsroom.

Members of the Editorial Board and areas of focus: Opinion Editor David Shipley; Deputy Opinion Editor Karen Tumulty; Associate Opinion Editor Stephen Stromberg (national politics and policy); Lee Hockstader (European affairs, based in Paris); David E. Hoffman (global public health); James Hohmann (domestic policy and electoral politics, including the White House, Congress and governors); Charles Lane (foreign affairs, national security, international economics); Heather Long (economics); Associate Editor Ruth Marcus; Mili Mitra (public policy solutions and audience development); Keith B. Richburg (foreign affairs); and Molly Roberts (technology and society).

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Heinrich to push for Puerto Rico statehood » Albuquerque Journal

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from Comments on: Heinrich to push for Puerto Rico statehood.

………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ……….

U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich

New Mexico’s quest for statehood was slowed for years, in part, because of concerns about different languages and cultures here.

Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., said he knows about his state’s history, and it’s one of the reasons he’ll be leading the push to make Puerto Rico the country’s 51st state.

“One of the things that shocked me was how similar the struggle really is, that the arguments haven’t really changed,” Heinrich said at a news conference in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday.



Heinrich said he would introduce a bill on the Senate floor that would start the process for the group of islands that make up Puerto Rico for statehood. He’s working alongside Rep. Darren Soto, D-Florida, and Jennifer González-Colón, Puerto Rico’s nonvoting member of Congress, on the Puerto Rico Admission Act.

“It is long past due for the millions of American citizens living in Puerto Rico to get the representation that they deserve,” said Heinrich, who sits on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee that holds legislative jurisdiction over U.S. territories, including Puerto Rico.

Heinrich cited a November referendum when a majority of Puerto Ricans voted to become a state in the Union.

“Americans in Puerto Rico reached a clear consensus: their destiny lies with statehood,” said Soto, who is of Puerto Rican descent.

There was bipartisan support for Puerto Rican statehood at the news conference where Heinrich announced his intended legislation.

But Puerto Rico’s bid to become a state also has opposition.

In a letter to President Joe Biden last month, three former governors of Puerto Rico, Alejandro Garcia Padilla, Aníbal Acevedo Vilá and Sila Maria Calderon, raised concerns about statehood. Their concerns included how it would affect Puerto Rico’s tax structure.

They pointed out that Puerto Rico’s more than 3 million residents are divided on the issue, saying only about 52% of Puerto Rico voters said “yes” to statehood during the vote.

“Liberals must view the issue of Puerto Rico status not as a civil rights issue … but as a self-determination issue where all stakeholders are entitled to a fair hearing,” the former governors wrote.